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Barry Williams


Price Range
£1,000 - £1,500

Type of Entertainment
Speaker - After Dinner Speaker

Great For...
Corporate Events, Conferences, Award Ceremonies

Barry Williams is a script writer, comedian, speaker and master of the ad-lib.

Barry started his working life as an award-winning stand-up comedian & was voted Comedian of the Year in 1984 for the second time.  This brought him enormous success & traditional stardom beckoned however, businessmen persuaded Barry to change direction with his humour & bring it to the table.  Despite what was on offer on the showbiz front, Barry immediately knew that the after dinner circuit & his style of humour were an ideal match.

Over 20 years has passed & Barry has retained his position as one of the country’s premier after dinner speakers.   He is equally at home speaking at small gatherings as he is at a large event where his showbiz roots re-emerge & his charm & personality are put to good use.

Still the comedian at heart, Barry can’t resist the topical stories of the day at the outset of his speech before moving on to a mixture of stories both fictional & true, including anecdotes from his days on the road.

Barry thoroughly enjoys his work which, over the course of the years, has taken him to all five continents.  However, the icing on the cake for Barry are Sportsman’s Dinners where he is thrilled to work along side many of his sporting heroes.

In the 1990s, Barry was persuaded to combine his talents as a compere, comedian & after dinner speaker where he continued to enjoy yet another role as ‘link man’ at various events including; marketing seminars, product launches, sales conferences & award ceremonies.

His experience in performing at the lectern with or without autocue is now substantial, winning him much praise from the trade press for the way he’s able to conduct proceedings in a ‘Wogan/Aspel’ style.  With a simple look, Barry discreetly brings humour to the moment without losing track of the more serious theme.

Barry William’s experience in working in any environment together with his knowledge of sport, current affairs & the volumes of general humour at his disposal, has afforded him the luxury of being able to change his speech content appropriately to suit each & every occasion.

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