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Tom McClean


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Speaker - Motivational

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Tom McClean was the first man in history to single handedly row the Atlantic whilst serving with the SAS.

Tom McClean has a remarkable record when it comes to achievement & adventure.  Raised in a tough orphanage from the tender age of 5 years old until he was 15, Tom soon realised the art of survival of the fittest; this attitude has seen him through many hair-raising experiences.

Tom served nine years with both the Parachute & the ubiquitous SAS Regiment.  Attempting the impossible & achieving the incredible he continues to make world news with his extraordinary feats of daring & endurance.

Tom is happily married to Jill & they have two sons – James & Ryan.  However, he still finds it hard to resist the call of the oceans so his family have become part of the crew, providing the logistical & moral support that is so critical to his safety & success.

1969 – First Man in History to Row the Atlantic Single Handed: Never deterred by challenges, which would cause others to pale, Tom was the first man ever to row the North Atlantic Ocean single-handed.  Using his experience as a survivor & with no previous knowledge of sea conditions, he completed this record breaking ordeal in just 70 hard days.

1970 – Built Adventure Centre: In a rugged & wilderness location of the West Highlands on the shores of Loch Nevis lies Tom’s Adventure Centre.  Over the years, the centre has served as a place where hundreds of visitors have experienced their first taste of adventure.

1982 – 3,000 Mile Voyage in the World’s Smallest Yacht: Giltspur – a mere 9ft 9in long, Tom was battling his way across the Atlantic through ferocious conditions for 54 gruelling days.  He took the world record which was snatched away from him after just three weeks when an American sailor arrived in a boat 9ft 1in, only 8 inches shorter!

1983 – Reclaimed World Record: Cut 2ft off world’s smallest yacht with a chainsaw, was the response from Tom, making his boat Giltspur just 7ft 9in long & he crossed the Atlantic all over again, losing his mast & steerage in the Bay of Biscay during an electric thunderstorm.  He landed in Oporto, Portugal to recapture the world record once more!

1985 – Survived on Rockall: He lived on Rockall for 40 days in order to re-affirm Britain’s mineral & oil rights to the rock.  He spent the time on a ledge in a survival unit 5ft x 4ft x 3ft for 40 days against all that the wild Atlantic could throw at him.

1987 – The Ultimate Challenge aged 44: Rowing the Atlantic alone to recapture the rowing record from France in his 20ft dory Skol 1080.  Tom heaved his way from Canada to the Bishop’s Rock Lighthouse & survived his rowing boat turning upside down in the middle of the night in 50ft waves emptying essential equipment into the ocean.  He recaptured the Transatlantic rowing record for Britain after 54 hard days at sea & still holds this world record today.

1990 – Sailed the Atlantic….in a Bottle!: Tom’s wackiest adventure was to design a 37ft long bottle shaped boat, the Typhoo Atlantic Challenger that he sailed from New York to Falmouth England.  With his usual panache, he equipped it with a four poster bed & sophisticated navigational equipment to ensure a secure passage for one of the strangest vessels ever to ply the open seas.

1996 – Moby Prince of Whales: His latest project is Moby, the world’s only giant whale shaped boat standing at 65ft long, 25ft high & weighs in at 50 tonnes, fitted with 2 engines & covered in a skin like foam.  Designed by Tom, sea trials took place with a completed 2000 mile voyage around Britain in Moby.

Tom intends to embark on an exciting adventure to cross the Atlantic from London to New York in the Whale boat once commercial backing has been found.  There has never been anything like this before!

Tom McClean’s presentations include: Meeting the Challenge / A Life of Adventure / If You Think You Can, You Will / I Had to Dare – Rowing the Atlantic Alone

The frame of mind needed both in Adventure & Business to succeed forms the theme of Tom’s presentations which are: Motivation / Overcoming Challenges / Reaching Goals / Teamwork / It’s Always Possible to do More!

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