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John Nichol

John Nichol

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£3,000 - £6,000

Type of Entertainment
Speaker - Motivational

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Corporate Events, Conferences, Award Ceremonies

John Nichol is a former RAF Tornado Pilot, Gulf War veteran and best-selling author.

The first the world saw of the RAF navigator Fl. Lt John Nichol was as a tortured Gulf War British Prisoner of War, beaten and humiliated by the Iraqis. The famous television appearances which John and his fellow POWs were forced to make encapsulated the brutality of the Iraqi regime. The daylight bombing raid over Southern Iraq upon which John had embarked had gone horrifically wrong. Hit by a SAM 14 surface to air missile, navigator and pilot had been forced to eject over the Iraqi desert.

The traumatic weeks of capture and torture which ensued gave John a unique insight into the human capacity to deal with even the most severe and disruptive change. Partly as a result of his own outgoing personality, partly as a result of the experience itself, John Nichol is now able to present a fascinating insight into what happens when our innermost reserves are tested by external demands.

His account of what happened takes his audience from the highly organised training and teamwork of an RAF jet squadron to the isolation of being shot down and held in solitary confinement.

His experiences qualify him to speak with unquestionable authority on not only surviving change but also turning it to your advantage. Indeed his physical survival is due to his immense reserves of personal strength, flexibility and the capacity to withstand upheaval and uncertainty.

Since the Gulf War, John’s military career took him on service to the Falkland Islands and to Bosnia as part of the UN peacekeeping mission. The account of his ordeal in Iraq, “Tornado Down” has sold over 300,000 copies, topping the best seller lists, whilst the documentary of his time as POW was a BAFTA nominee. After leaving the forces in March 1996, John Nichol wrote his first novel, “Point of Impact”, and is currently working on the second in a series of three.

Describing himself as “an ordinary guy who just happened to find himself in extraordinary circumstances”, John’s message is one of optimism, inspiration and personal motivation. His personal triumph lies in having discovered his potential to cope with extremes and achieve goals way beyond his perceived horizons. John leaves his audience in no doubt that potential exists in all of us.

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John Nichol

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