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Sally Gunnell

Sally Gunnell

Price Range
£5,000 - £10,000

Type of Entertainment
Presenter & Host - Sport / Speaker - Motivational - Sport

Great For...
Corporate Events, Conferences, Award Ceremonies, Launch Events

Sally Gunnell is an Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth Athletics champion.

Sally holds a place in the hearts of the nation as one of the most popular female sportswomen of our times, and our most successful.  She is the only woman to hold four titles concurrently – Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth and also held the World Record for the 400m hurdles.  To many she was ‘the girl next door’, the daughter of an Essex farmer whose warm and easy going manner belied her incredible sporting achievements.

Whilst Sally was naturally a very talented runner, one thing she is very aware of is that although she had to train very hard physically, the amount of mental training was just as important.  When she trained she focused strongly on imagining her best performance.  It became so natural for her to think this way, that when she did run there was a time lapse before she realised that she had actually won the race rather than just imagined it.  Sally went on to win Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth medals using these techniques.  She now uses the same approach in her role as a member of the BBC sports team and bringing health and fitness to a wider audience through non-threatening and easy to understand principles.

Sally’s career on and off the track provides a unique insight into achieving a balance in life and proven recipes for success and fulfilment.  During her career she adopted key principles and routines with her ‘team’ that delivered the results most sports people can only dream of.  Now her off-track career has seen her combine television presenting, personal appearances and corporate work with community and charitable work, whilst being a mother and maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Sally’s presentation ‘Be Your Best’ is a motivational programme that relates to a wide cross-section of businesses in all sectors, providing realistic goal setting and fresh approaches that can apply to everyone.  It is about delivering easy to follow concepts that relate to the broadest spectrum possible.  It is not just another motivational talk from a top sportsperson.  It is however, based on a combination of the basic ideas in Sally’s campaign for gold with some principles of well-being both physical and mental that she has gleaned from four years working with leading names in these fields.

Sally has delivered motivational talks for companies including Coca-Cola Enterprises, IBM, Royal Bank of Scotland, NHS, BT, London Chamber of Commerce, Deloitte & Touche & Schering.

To enquire about or book Sally Gunnell for your event contact Arena Entertainment. Either send an email to or speak to one of our booking agents on 0113-239-2222.

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Sally Gunnell

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