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Geoff Burch

Geoff Burch

Price Range
£3,000 - £6,000

Type of Entertainment
Speaker - Business - Motivational

Great For...
Corporate Events, Conferences, Award Ceremonies

Geoff Burch has to be the most exciting business speaker ever.  On almost any business subject, Geoff can thrill, challenge and amuse.  What he does is hard to describe, some people call him a motivator, others an alternative business guru, but when he is firing on all cylinders in front of a business audience, he is hard to beat.  On the one hand he is very, very funny but beneath his ascerbic humour and his wonderful lampooning variety of absurd characterisations, lies a strong and unforgettable business message.

The son of a Viennese psychiatrist, Geoff obtained his formal qualifications at Art College in the turbulent sixties, and went into the fast moving world of advertising.  Although a highly creative artist, he soon found that his real love was working with the clients and hunting for new business.  Thriving on the executive lifestyle, he was soon operating at management level and has been involved in companies in fields as diverse as paper, transport and electronics.

Constantly being asked to teach his skills to others, he turned to his Father and between them, they carried out some exciting research into business skills and the psychological games behind them, looking at human nature and its relationship to business in a new light, to produce the basis for Geoff’s coaching techniques.

From here Geoff has gone from strength to strength.  He is rapidly becoming renowned for his inimitable and unprecedented style, therefore, in constant demand from major companies to present and motivate.  Geoff has spent years perfecting his art to be able to construct precise programmes to suit the company, the products and the individuals involved.  Whether it is sales, customer awareness, quality or change management, his techniques have proved invaluable across an enormous spectrum of companies and business sectors.

In October 1994 Geoff’s best-seller “Resistance is Useless” was published.  The book will change almost everything you ever believed about business, and show you how anybody can be persuaded to do anything.

He lives in Gloucestershire with his wife Sallie, his two sons, his cat and his motorbike named Gladys.

To enquire about or book Geoff Burch for your event contact Arena Entertainment. Either send an email to or speak to one of our booking agents on 0113-239-2222.

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Geoff Burch

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