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Perry McCarthy

Perry McCarthy

Price Range
£2,500 - £5,000

Type of Entertainment
Speaker - Sporting

Great For...
Corporate Events, Conferences, Award Ceremonies, Launch Events

Perry McCarthy is the original ‘Stig’ with a vast experience of Motor Racing including Formula One. He is one of Britain’s top racing drivers and is already part of Motor Racing’s folk lore.

Born in London’s East End, McCarthy’s rise through the ranks has been against all odds and, in a sport dominated by finance, he recalls how he, ‘started with nothing and then lost it all’!

Perry’s 10 year fight to reach the sport’s elite paid off in April 1992 when he was chosen to drive for the fledgling Andrea Moda Formula One Team.  The dream, however, turned into a nightmare when the team stumbled from one disaster to the next.  Behind the scenes, McCarthy faced mounting financial pressures which were further aggravated by his agreement to drive for nothing and find his own expenses.

As always Perry’s exploits were well chronicled and his survival tactics reflected those found in episodes of ‘Only Fools and Horses’.  According to a friend, ‘Perry has two remarkable abilities…… an ability for getting into trouble and an ability for getting out of it’!

But when ‘Pel Boy’ is on the track his talent and determination shine through and he has a large following both at home and abroad.  His sense of humour is legendary and has been frequently aired in his own articles for leading journals such as ‘Autoexpress’, ‘Motoring News’, ‘Chequered Flag’ and ‘Autocar and Motor’.  His delivery is even better and he has worked for Sky channel as a commentator, the BBC and Cable channel as a Presenter.

McCarthy’s bubbly personality and absolute refusal to concede defeat have made him popular with the general press; ‘The Telegraph’ headlined him as, ‘a new cult hero’, ‘The Times’ called him ‘the World’s unluckiest racing driver’ and America’s ‘Sunday Express’ described him as, ‘a comedian locked inside a racing drivers body’.

In a career that has had more ups and downs than an elevator, Perry McCarthy is still smiling and still fighting.

His story offers an insight to the World’s most glamorous sport and McCarthy tells it in his own unique style.

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Perry McCarthy

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